I believe we grow through the space of self-examination. There are times when we simply go through the motions of our life rather than fully, intentionally, and powerfully stepping into our truth. This week, we have the pleasure of reading the perspective from Mindrise Coach, Cayla Brewton. Where we have the chance to look at just who we are and who we will be based on the values we exhibit to the world. I know part of my biggest work in feeling confident in my own voice and my own skin is knowing the values that guide me, not just what I’m “supposed to do.” This is often where I step out of the box of the norm and fully into me…





Cayla Brewton, Mindrise Coach

We’ve wrapped up the 2020 election, and I felt like I’m watching one of those cringy Netflix original movies that’s got your attention the entire time, but you can’t seem to figure out why you keep watching. Only for a really shitty ending to disappoint you. With a stomach full of popcorn that was better than the horrible acting you just witnessed, you click on your favorite TV show to end the night on a better note.

When will this end?

The separation that is caused by “picking sides” is commonly exemplified by the same people who say they hope for unity. How much longer does this “game” have to last until we realize WE have the power. Yes, of course, go out and vote, be a part of whatever movements feel good to you. I am all about having a passion for what you believe, but have you ever considered where your beliefs came from?

Many people follow trends, pick movements, and choose sides for a sense of belonging- because that’s what you’re supposed to do right? Seems pretty simple.

Then, there’s this voice or feeling we get, more prominent for some than others, but it’s there and it’s how we all know. This is much deeper. It’s more than the surface level nonsense they feed us through the screens in our hands.

How will you ever really know what feels good to you, what to believe, and how you can make a difference if when the college professor gives you your first assignment for class and you can’t answer the question “who am I?”

This is an eye-opener, not an attack.

This is motivation, not degradation.

Because I want you to have a true sense of knowing & I want you to feel confident in who you REALLY are. Not who you are expected to be because you’re black or white, or a woman or a man. Know who you really are so you can step into your power. So you can release the story that you’re the victim of your own life, and you need a president or someone else to save you from your circumstances. With love, this is all happening for you & I promise when you can switch to that narrative your level of gratitude will skyrocket.

So as your Instagram, Facebook & Twitter feed fills with news that will fade in the next few days when they decide to release the next distraction, give yourself a break. Have compassion for you and self-reflect.

The universe recognizes different. It is safe to be different. And it is important to know who you really are. Build your own values, morals, and way of living. Don’t do what is expected of you based on the box that you decide to place yourself in. so when you check off democrat or republican, Black, White, or Hispanic, religious or not religious. Hold on to your individuality; never lose grip of it. You are not the labels that they created.

While many will stress over, and attach all of their emotions to who the president will be over the next 4 years, you deserve to know more, to dive deeper, to have an understanding and connection to what matters.

Despite who gets to sit in the white house for the next four years, or in other words, who will continue to amplify the patriarchy that is woven so deeply in this country. Think about how much more important it is, for you to know the answer to this question….. Who do YOU want to be over the next 4 years?