Let’s talk about devotion–what is it? How do you define it? Where does devotion show up in your life?

Each year, we start off the new year strong–best of intentions, a couple of new years resolutions, and a few goals in hand.

And then what happens? Truth is: We fall off. We lose our steam. The first curve ball typically comes early on and we can lose our resolve. We take the first obstacle as a sign that we aren’t meant to achieve our dreams or that we picked the wrong resolutions or that we just don’t have what it takes to make it happen.

Why do we get in our head like that? Why do we try to convince ourselves of our unworthiness or inability to have what we want?

Why do we look for evidence that we aren’t good enough to create the life we want?

And even more important–how do we get over it? How do we get past getting in our own way?

I’ll let you in on a little secret behind-the-scenes of being a coach. The initial call you have with a client is to get insight on what’s going on for them and how you can help. You start by mapping out their goals for coaching and inevitably as the conversation progresses you get to the question, “What’s your biggest block/obstacle–what is holding you back?”

And you know what everyone says… “Myself.”

Everyone–it doesn’t matter where someone lives, their gender, job title, accomplishments, or bank account. The biggest thing holding each one of us back–ourselves.

How do we get past getting in our own way?

The solution comes in our devotion and commitment to ourselves. The solution comes from the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.

What are you committed to in your life?

What are you so devoted to that it shapes your day, your thoughts, your narrative and how you live your life?

It’s going to take devotion to bring about change. We need to commit to ourselves and to our vision for the life we want in order to allow that life to unfold.

It comes down to devotion. What are you devoted to? Who are you devoted to? And most importantly–who are you devoted to BEING in your life?

What are the qualities of devotion–what is the essence of devotion–even better, what does it meant to live in the embodiment of devotion?

Remember, the key to developing yourself and evolving past the bullsh*t that holds you back resides in the quality of questions you ask yourself AND the time you take to actually listen to the answers in your life. So often we go through the motions of our life, like a hamster on a wheel or feeling like every day is groundhog day. The only way to escape the monotony of an unfulfilled life is through the commitment to yourself–devotion.

Begin to ask yourself the questions that help you to grow–begin in devotional practice to yourself: In what ways is devotion showing up in your world? What do you have to let go of to stay devoted to yourself and your vision? What do you need to have more of in your life in order to fully show up alive?

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