Bringing together the tools that I have learned as a therapist as well as the lessons and education that I have experienced as an entrepreneur, the Life + Leadership Coach Training program is a holistic approach to feeling confident, successful, and impactful as a coach and entrepreneur.

Why did I become a coach? The reason might surprise you… 

I love being the go – to girl to help people, always the first person to get the phone call for the job change, heartbreak, or “what should I do?” question.

But that wasn’t it.

The #1 reason why I became a coach was FREEDOM.  Freedom of my time, my location, to make my schedule, to build a business exactly how I wanted to.

I wanted freedom to make a BIG impact in the world by become a coach and having my own business


What would you try if you knew you’d be supported along the way?

I wanted to be free to help who I wanted to and how I wanted to, truly living my purpose.



Do you want to help others discover their passion, joy, and goals?

If you’ve always hoped to make an impact but weren’t full sure how to make that happen our Life + Leadership Coach Training might be the right fit.

If you’re ready for a new career path fueled by your passion like I was, we invite you to check out our Life + Leadership Coach Training.


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