In this episode, Bailey interviews Megan Callus, a breathwork specialist who teaches people the value of breathing practices and how they can modify different aspects of their lives. There are different breathing techniques which depend on the aim you want to achieve with it. Do you need to relax? Do you want to be more active? Megan gives you powerful tips on breathing and shows you how to perform these techniques by yourself.


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Megan Callus walks us through the power of breathwork and its ability to heal the body. She states that we are not fully aware of the impact breathwork can have on our mental and physical struggles. Our breath is much more powerful than we know of, and it has a great impact on our sleep, digestive functions, heart rate, blood pressure, and many other systems in our bodies.


She provides some practical tips for us to do at home, focusing on the breathing purpose of each technique. She claims that it is important to understand our body in order to practice a certain technique or choose another one. It is not the same to breath work for relaxation than to do it to boost our energy levels. Breathing techniques can be applied to many contexts, and they will depend on the goal we want to achieve. 


What is more, she explains how breath impacts various physiological and neurological systems and how to use breath to become more resilient from stress, improve our sleep, increase our immune response, reduce pain, increase our energy, and help us feel more calm, vibrant and focused. Incorporating breathwork in our daily routine will help us balance our physical and mental health, as well as control our emotions.



Key Takeaways

  • Exhalation is actually what gets you to relax (not inhalation). A long and extended one.
  • The way we breathe impacts how we feel.
  • The key is listening to our body. How does breathing make you feel?
  • There are different breathing techniques to heal physical and mental health issues.
  • Breathing impacts every system in our body.


About Megan Callus

Megan Callus is the creator and founder of Boundless Breath NJ. 


As a working, single mom of two teenage girls, she can relate to the challenges of daily life. We strive for balance, yet often we feel harried and “behind” in everything we do. While we prioritize things like work, schedules for the kids, the house, food shopping, cleaning, dogs, and so on, we rarely have time to carve out time for ourselves. It seemed she was always trying to catch her breath. This very existence is what initially had her curiosity piqued, and while she has always been a health practitioner, it was this new focus on the breath that drove a new level of her  passion. 


Her goal is to help everyone everywhere to discover the power of their own breath. By word of mouth, workshops, private clients, free classes, and retreats. At Boundless Breath NJ, Megan teaches clients how to reduce stress, heal their bodies, lower their heart rate and build more stress tolerance through the breath.


In the episode we covered

  • (00:00) Bailey introduces Megan Callus.
  • (01:30) Megan explains why breathwork is so important for yourself.
  • (02:57) She states that there are different breathing techniques which depend on the goals you have.
  • (05:10) Misconceptions about breathing. Inhalation and exhalation. 
  • (08:15) Megan describes how breathing affects one’s body and brain. Plus, she provides simple breathing techniques like Box Breath and Triangle Breath.
  • (13:40) She recommends practicing some breathing techniques and why we should do it at a specific moment during the day.
  • (15:35) Megan shows two techniques that are used to slow the heart rate fast.
  • (19:10) She elaborates on the importance of using our eyes to practice your breathing, being quiet and focused to pay attention to the process.
  • (22.00) How our breathing impacts on how much blood flows to the brain and how much oxygen reaches the brain.
  • (24:48) Megan does a breathing practice to get out of a “sleepy state”, to be alert, active and energized.
  • (26:43) Bailey and Megan discuss the emotional release after we start practicing these techniques.
  • (36:18) Megan tells us about her beginnings as a breathwork specialist. 


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