So, I’m giving away all my secrets, plans and burning desires…and it feels…SO GOOD!

But why? Well, as I shared with you, I was asked a question….

The question throbbed in my mind, “If you could do anything in the year ahead, what would you do?”

I gave myself permission to consider that ANYTHING is possible

When we think of creating a list of aspirations for the year ahead we want to shape a life that we can actually feel, absorb, and enjoy.

Giving yourself a year for exploration and curiosity is a fantastic starting block, it really invokes a sense of freedom and possibility. Sometimes we try to pigeon-hole ourselves into intense specifics (“Must take one adventure every single Thursday for six months”…woah!). That kind of thinking is much like asking ourselves to go from 0 to 180. It’s just too much, and not sustainable.

Putting rigid expectations on ourselves simply has us hopping back on a hamster wheel of living life like a “to-do” checklist, even if it is “good stuff.”

The goal is to create an empowering aspiration list for the year ahead, filling it with activities of your choosing. Fill it with what you feel like doing, not with what you feel like you “should” be doing. (Tweet it!)

I recently had a chat with a fabulous friend who was looking to get a bit of feedback on her plans for the year ahead. By anyone’s standards, it was a FULL list, but full in a way that her true focus was to embrace the year ahead with open arms. Her list was straight up inspirational!

So I took another look at mine before sharing it with you, all I could think was, “Hell yes!” Having this list be my year ahead feels super authentic and in line with my core desired feelings.

 Screenshot 2014-01-30 09.46.45

Here are my burning desires for 2014…

1. Connect & Create: Host workshops for women, to inspire and provide the tools to discover personal fulfillment, happiness, and freedom. I was overjoyed to begin the year at Barefoot Yoga in Rincon, with a fabulous workshop series focused on Creating Clarity and Abundance. I’m passionate about clarity, it’s what fuels us, what helps us to create plans that lead us along our authentic path to bliss. With my bliss, I always find connection and creativity, thinking outside the box and connecting with outside the box thinkers, LOVE it! I am looking forward to the year ahead with workshops and speaking engagements that provide me with the opportunity to connect with women looking to create their ideal lives. I’ve got some fantastic upcoming events this year that I can’t wait to share with you!

2. Travel: The year ahead is filled to the brim with plans to explore. We rung in the new year in Ireland, splashed and surfed in Puerto Rico, and hit the slopes during our cross country adventure in Colorado and California. We’ll be hiking, biking, and eating in California this spring, the speaking and sharing love in New Jersey then heading to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a summer of yoga and surf. The fall promises to bring me back to Bali and Puerto Rico, feeding my addiction for warm water and sunny skies. I’ll be sure to share my journey, check me out on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and Roadmap Living.

3. Embrace: This is a big one for me, I get teary just writing about it. This year, I have the pleasure of embracing the love of my incredibly supportive family and friends as I launch my lifestyle design coaching business. Most especially, embracing my hubs as we head into our second year of adventure (marriage). And embracing the sisterhood that I have found with other female entrepreneurs. My tribe of chicas inspire and push me everyday.

4. Learn: I’m ravenous with excitement to learn (always have been, ask my mom). This year, I am learning the ropes to create a successful business that creates incredible value for women to pursue their dreams. I’ll be diving head first into Marie Forleo’s B-School with support from the amazing Linzi Wilson of Hello Glow Coaching (Give a shout and tell her I sent you!)

5. Ease: I’m getting into this one in a BIG way. Creating a lifestyle that fosters peace, ease and authenticity. How? Simply. A bit of yoga, some writing, hiking, swimming, and good old fashion meditation (I’m talking guided meditation, I’m still working on silent meditation and levitating off the floor-just kidding)

We are all a work in progress. When creating your list, it should be a fantastic blend of fun, creativity, responsibility (always have to throw that in), and forward momentum. And the forward momentum is really the icing on the cake because without it, we’re just existing and not really living. (Tweet it!)

I’m curious about your list…So here’s what I’m doing, in the spirit of connection, I’m giving away 3 Explorations Sessions ($150 value). How do you get in on the fun?

Exploration Session

Shoot me an email with your list for the year ahead. You will be entered to win an Exploration Session, it’s the perfect experience for discovering your goals and desires to discover the key to unlock your deepest potential. Check more out by clicking here.

Can’t wait to see what you cook up! If you get stumped, give me a shout here and we’ll get you unstuck and moving forward.



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