Sometimes life changes when you are ready, and sometimes it makes you ready to make a change.

Last year, when I went to The Mindset Retreat, I felt excited to connect with other positive & likeminded women. My experience at the retreat was so inspiring that I said to my hubby, “I’m going to be up on the stage next year.”

Here I am at The Mindset Retreat 2014 (preggers with Little Lady Phoebe)

I could just feel it in my bones that the next 12 months were going to be so transformational that I would be invited to share my journey to inspire & motivate other women to play BIG in their life.

The good news is that I was right–the unexpected part was that I had no idea how BIG my life was going to change.

In the last 12 months–I’ve grown my business nearly 1000%, I’ve reached the eyes, ears, and hearts of 100’s of women, I’ve been published several times, I’ve been asked to speak and inspire others, I’ve led live workshops and retreats, and I had a baby!

Even more than what I accomplished is how I feel. I used to feel uncertain about my next steps and about what I was supposed to be doing in the world.

Now, I know that my purpose is to help women discover their purpose and learn to live the life that they are meant for.

 On stage at The Mindset Retreat 2015

Here I am, shining my light and sharing with everyone my mission, my vision, and my purpose. Back in 2014, I knew I was meant to be on that stage but what I didn’t know was WHY. It took me nearly a year but when I stepped onto the stage at The Mindset Retreat, I couldn’t have felt more clear knowing that I am to be a beckon of light to others.

Standing up on that stage this year, I knew that each word I spoke came from the glowing light within me–the light of knowing that I am living my purpose by inspiring other women to step into their vision.

Are you ready for your “on-stage” moment?

Ready to get clear about your vision?

I will be hosting a webinar this Wednesday to help you Create Your Vision Board. We will be talking about how to create a vision board, why it’s helpful, and how to use this tool to create real change in your life. Interested in joining me?

Create Your Vision Board
Wednesday, 10/14 at 1pm EST

(9am PST/6pm UK)
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