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Identity, purpose & control. 
Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and not recognized the face staring back at you?
Have you been shaken by a big life change or crisis that’s left you feeling a little lost? 
So many of us play a variety of roles each day – employee, parent, friend, spouse, caretaker, homemaker, etc and oftentimes we cling to the identities we’ve created. In times of loss or change it’s easy to end up questioning “who am I?” “Who is this different person staring back at me?”
This masterclass is for you if you’ve struggled with any of the above. We’ll create a safe space to share any insights or lessons from losing our identities and provide tools to help as we reimagine our lives and reclaim a sense of self.
Ready to take control of your life?  Book at 1:1 Strategy Session with Bailey today.