You may remember that last Saturday I posted this picture of my daughter and I at the Farmer’s Market in our #FarmersMarketFashion, later that night I went for dinner and a concert with my hubby then spent Sunday as family day at the beach.

A few years ago, life was NOT like this AT ALL.

Grab a cup of tea, coffee, or even a glass of wine…it’s storytime.

A long, long time ago, in a faraway land… (ok, really it was 2012 and I was living in New Jersey)…I was exhausted, burnt out, and feeling uninspired. I was driven, ambitious, and working ALOT. I was working 4 jobs, 6-7 days a week. At the time, my dream was to build my psychotherapy practice. I envisioned myself with a traditional office, a cute waiting room, friendly front desk, and comfy couch in my office. It took some time but I made this vision come to reality. I have a full & booming practice.

I know what you are thinking–life goal accomplished, life must be perfect. I regret to inform you that it was not. While I had accomplished the goal I had long set out to do (years of education, supervision, hard work, marketing, etc.), it didn’t quite “feel” like I thought it would.

I felt drained, bored, and tired. Most of all, I had accomplished my goal and felt kinda depressed that it wasn’t all that I thought it would be. I’m sure you’ve been there too…you get to your “destination,” look around at life and think, “Can I get a refund?”

But, as the driven & ambitious woman I am, I tried to make it work. (I’m sure you’ve been there too.) I continued to work exhaustively, never any time on the weekends, definitely NO Farmer’s Markets, and certainly no date nights.


Caption: Feeling exhausted with my hubby and trying to sneak some social life into a packed work schedule with my best friend.

So when did the magical knight swoop in and slay the stress dragon, you ask?

That’s when life got real because the truth is, sometimes you just have to save yourself. [Tweet it!] When I was really honest with myself, I knew that if I wanted life to look different than it did, I had to be the one to do something about it.

I took time to get clear about my vision–coaching awesome women, living life on my own terms, avoiding the snow, having a super cute hubby & small family, time to walk the pups, yoga on the beach, green juice, bed by 10pm, AND trips to the Farmer’s Markets.

When it came to taking the leap to actually living my life, that’s when I knew that I had to slay my own fear dragons to come out on the other side. And that’s what I do now, I help ambitious women (and some very cool men) to create a roadmap to making their vision come to reality.

That’s the long story behind why Saturday Farmer’s Markets, Date Nights, and Family Sunday are so stinkin’ important to me…because I’ve been on the other side of simply wishing, wanting, and craving for them to be a part of my life.

On the blog, I want to hear from you…what have you been craving more of in your life?



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