We don’t want to succeed because we’re scared.

Scared to fail.

Scared to try.

Scared to be rejected.

We’re scared to put ourselves out there.

We’re scared to be judged.


Sometimes we don’t take the leap because we are afraid of the unknown. We feel afraid of the “What If…”

But, when we allow ourselves to be trapped by the “What If,” we rob ourselves of the “What Could Be.” [Tweet it]

We remove chance, risk, and even opportunity. By letting fear win, we lose out on the journey of success. This journey often includes moments of frustration, failed attempts, and even some major loses. But, it also includes sunshine.

The journey to success, while rocky allows us to appreciate the sweetness of progress and the gift of trial & error.

We are afraid to succeed because we fear the road of the unknown. We are all capable of great things, amazing things—truly capturing our genius.

Don’t lose hope.

When I first started my journey into coaching, I was terrified to succeed. To me, success would mean that I put myself out there, open myself to true vulnerability.

I didn’t want to feel vulnerable, I wanted to feel all knowing and capable. I wanted to have all the answers for everyone. The fear kept me paralyzed from truly connecting with my journey, it kept me from the true joys of vulnerability.

When we are vulnerable—we are real. Being real and authentic is the most important gift we can give ourselves. Confronting my fear helped me to succeed, it helped me better serve my clients and myself by being open, vulnerable, and human.

You can do it, you can bust through fear to be your best self.

Whatever it is you are working on in your life—whether a challenging job, task, project, or event. You can live the life you’ve always imagine—you can succeed.

Let me help you along the way.

In the comments below, I would love to know: How have you felt vulnerable lately? What has been standing in your path to success?


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