Making the transition from independent, empowered, sexy & strong entrepreneur to new mama isn’t easy. When you are pregnant, feeling your most divinely feminine they never really prepare you for stepping into the role of “mom.” This new role means sleepless nights, having someone be 100% dependent on you, and feeling as if your freedom isn’t quite yours anymore.


In the first few weeks of my transition into this new role, I felt my old nemesis–overwhelm creeping in. We all know the first signs of overwhelm: forgetfulness, impatience, feeling rushed, beginning to feel disconnected from being present because all you are thinking about is your ever-present to-do list. Then, full blown overwhelm sets in. This is the point where you realize that you are at least 2 days behind on said “to-do” list, you are waking up in a sweat thinking about what needs to get done, and you can’t quite remember the last time you showered (perhaps that’s just exclusive to new moms but I’m sure we’ve all been there).


Needless to say, if I’m really being honest, those first few weeks of being “mom” really rocked my world.


As you know by now, I like feeling in the drivers seat of my life. While I knew that I was only going through a transition, the most important thing for me was to be mindful about how I wanted to come out “the other side.” When we’re headed into new territory, I’m all for going with the flow. In addition to flow, one of my biggest transition secrets is that I try to pre-design what I want life to look like once I reach the “other side.” Whether it’s a move, a new job, a new marriage, or even a new baby.


How was I going to create my work/life balance?


I started to imagine what I wanted life to look like as a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and woman. First, I began by thinking about how I wanted to feel: empowered, confident, connected, abundant, present, thankful, and relaxed. The last one, ‘relaxed,’ seemed like a stretch but I figured that if I was going to place my order with the universe on how I wanted to feel, I might as well shoot for the moon.


Next, I started to visualize what life would look like when I was living in total work/life flow. Busting out my magic wand, I decided that it would mean yoga (or movement) to start my day, morning family cuddle time, working in my business at least 4 days a week, being fully present with my new baby (instead of thinking about my darn to-do list), walks with the pups, and sunsets at the beach with my family. Simply picturing this life made me smile with excitement and anticipation of making this life my reality.


Finally, this is the part where the rubber meets the road–how I was going to make it all happen. This is the part where we put on our CEO hat to take charge of making our life happen just as we want it to happen. To live life on our own terms–to define freedom as it feels for you. For me, this meant finding a fabulous nanny to love Phoebe to pieces so I can work on my business and give lots of love to my amazing clients. I trade yoga time in the morning for surf time with my hubby. and, I’ve learned the fine art of bundling up the whole family (pups included) to enjoy sunset walks at the beach.


While I am well aware that life (especially with a family) is in a constant state of transition and flux, I don’t want to feel like my life is happening to me. By taking time to decide how I want my life to look and getting into the driver’s seat to make it happen, I feel pretty good. In fact, dare I say I even feel relaxed 😉


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