Own Your Power Book

Own Your Power

Bailey Frumen, founder of Mindrise and one of the most sought after life coaches in the world brings you her latest book.

It’s time to OWN YOUR POWER.

In this book, you’ll learn the 7 steps you need to figure out:

  • What’s been holding you back
  • Your clearest vision for your future
  • The actions to take to achieve your goals

With many real life success (and failure) stories, and Bailey’s relatable and supportive approach, Own Your Power is the perfect next step toward creating a life you can’t get enough of.

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90 Days to Elevate Journal

Here’s the deal.

We get in our own way. We get stuck in old habits, patterns, and behaviors and despite our frustration, nothing changes. Inevitably we give up and our headnoise gets loud, which only further gets in our way.

It’s time to change the game:

  • Learn to rise above staying stuck
  • Change the game and write a NEW set of rules for life
  • Take action on leading to your next level

In the next 90 days, we are finally changing for good. Change means that we commit to ourselves and enjoy the clarity of living life on our own terms. Let’s do it:

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Opening to Gratitude Book

Opening to Gratitude

Discover the transformative power of gratitude! The third in the international best selling series Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul, Opening to Gratitude will prove the miraculous power of gratitude in your daily life.

In Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Opening to Gratitude & Grace, publisher Linda Joy has included intimate, soul-powered narratives from thirty-eight women who have shifted their perceptions, strengthened their hearts, and found ease in their daily lives through the power of gratitude. These stories prove that when we embrace gratitude in every moment, even when our current circumstances reflect something vastly different than what we desire, we invite grace into our lives.

In addition, each story is accompanied by three Workbook Reflection Questions that will help you apply these vital lessons in your own life.

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