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Are you ready to unlock your full potential and achieve the fulfillment and success you deserve? Our workshops and courses are the perfect investment for high-achievers looking to take control of their personal and professional growth.

Own Your Power Mastery + 1:1 Coaching

Let’s get real–going it alone can be tough and if you could have done it by yourself by now, you already would have.

OYP Mastery + 1 on 1 Coaching is for high achieving go-getters who want to move extraordinarily fast in creating their blueprint to clarity, freedom, and fulfillment.

Our coaches will roll up their sleeves and get in the trenches with you, to work on each assignment and to give you the crucial feedback and tools you’ll need to get moving quickly. This is the most popular program and creates the best results, by far simply because you have more time and more support–hello accountability:

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Life + Leadership Coach Training

You want to be a coach, we will teach you how to coach with confidence while learning how to run a successful coaching business. 

The Mindrise Life + Leadership Coach Training program is for ambitious individuals who want to coach with confidence, lead with clarity and enjoy success along the way.

This Coach Training allows natural-born leaders, mentors, and teachers to overcome what has been holding them back from realizing their true entrepreneurial potential and sets them on the road to becoming a dynamic leader that helms a successful coaching practice.

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Why Mindrise Works:

Are you a high-achiever who constantly overthinks and struggles with burnout? Mindrise is here to guide you towards a fulfilling and successful life. With our expert coaching, you will learn how to get unstuck and gain the confidence needed to take the next steps in your personal and professional life. Here are five ways our coaching can help you achieve success:

  • Learn to manage stress and avoid burnout
  • Increase clarity, productivity & efficiency
  • Make better decisions with confidence
  • Experience new habits + lasting change
  • Bring deep connection + relaxation


Our personal development workshops will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and provide you with the tools to overcome any obstacles in your way. Through our Mindrise Courses, you will learn how to unleash your full potential and achieve success in all areas of your life.

Vision Map Masterclass

Be the architect of your life.

Stress, overwhelm, and uncertainty are over. The Vision Map will show you how to live a life of fulfillment and get clear about your vision in the BIG 6 areas of your life:

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Successful coach training

Strategy +Planning

You’re a leader who wants to get organized to make big things happen in the next 12 months.

This workshop has the tools you need to lay out a successful year ahead:

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WEBINAR: How to Be a Coach

You’ve been thinking about becoming a Coach but uncertain where to start…

In this webinar, you will learn step-by-step how to coach with confidence AND build a successful coaching practice:

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About Mindrise

We help high-achievers to get unstuck and achieve their goals. We specialize in 1:1 Coaching, Coach Training, and courses to help you revolutionize how to approach your life.

We focus on the “how to” of getting out of your own way so that YOU can live a life of alignment…