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Life + Leadership Coach Training

The Mindrise Coach Training program has been designed with the 3 most important elements of becoming a coach in mind…

  1. How to coach
  2. How to market your business to get the right client for your strengths
  3. How to launch and operate a successful coaching practice

Coach Training is for ambitious people who crave leadership and have plenty of tools to share while inspiring others to create change and lead their own kick ass lives.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
– George Bernard Shaw

Life Coaching is for YOU if…

  • Your mission is to be a change maker
  • You want freedom of your time
  • You want to create impact
  • You want to learn how to help others achieve their personal best
  • You believe in the power of inspired leadership
  • You want the exact path to become a coach
  • You believe that there are more career pathways
  • You want to confidently create a successful business

You are here because you want a clear roadmap to confidently becoming the coach and leader that you are meant to be.

The Mindrise Coach Training experience is for people who want to coach with confidence, lead with clarity, and enjoy success along the way.

In Mindrise Coach Training, you’ll be using your own personal development as the starting point for how you work with clients. Being a great leader and coach doesn’t come from following a “how-to” manual or checklist. It starts with going deeply within, and actually rolling up your sleeves and working with many clients., and we get you on that track as soon as possible, it teaches you how to walk your talk and live your most inspired life & leadership.


  • How to Coach with Confidence
  • How to Build a Successful Coaching Practice
  • How to Launch Your Coaching Business
  • How to Clearly Market Yourself


  • YOU are a leader. mentor. confidant. an entrepreneur, a doctor. a teacher. a coach. an executive. a business owner. in management.
  • YOU have a discerning eye. positive attitude. enjoy quality experiences. you expect nothing but the best. passion to lead & inspire others.
  • YOU want freedom, fulfillment. to be the best you. level up your life…your business…your leadership. to create great abundance & success.


Mindrise Coach Training is a six-month intensive designed for natural-born leaders, mentors, and teachers. This immersive experience trains aspiring coaches on how to be confident, successful, and impactful as a coach and entrepreneur through a structured roadmap proven to deliver results.


  • Weekly Training Modules
  • Homework to compliment your training
  • All texts & materials
  • Private Facebook Community
  • 1:1 Peer Coaching with Student Advisor bi-weekly
  • Monthly All-Access Office Hours (via virtual classroom)
  • Full-Access to Mindrise Resource Library (with bonus workshops, experts, and tools)


  • Lack of clarity about ideal client and coaching
  • No marketing experience
  • Uncertain about how to launch a coaching business
  • Difficulty in running a successful 6-figure business
  • Confused about the unique niche in the coaching market
  • Lack of confidence in sharing your voice or message

Now is the time to say YES to YOU.

So often, people have the drive and vision to start a coaching practice, but just don’t know the steps they need to take to get there. The Mindrise Life + Leadership Coach Training program is for ambitious individuals who want to coach with confidence, lead with clarity and enjoy success along the way. It allows natural-born leaders, mentors, and teachers to overcome what has been holding them back from realizing their true entrepreneurial potential and sets them on the road to becoming a dynamic leader that helms a successful coaching practice.

If you are ready to create your big impact in the world, let’s get started now!

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