It’s the fuel that keeps us going, it’s our reason for being, our “joie de vivre.” But what happens when you don’t know your purpose or you’ve gotten so detached from life that you’ve lost connection to feeling joy.

This was a story I knew all too well. Three years ago, I was fried crispy. I was working 4 jobs, 6-7 days a week, most days beginning at sunrise and finishing long after the sun went down. I was working at an exhaustive pace, feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. I wasn’t sleeping well, my self-care was in the toilet, and my social life was nonexistent.

The truth was, although I was working hard, I had no clue what I wanted in life.  Even though I was so busy, I really felt foggy about what I wanted in life. I didn’t feel like I had clarity and I really had no idea what my next steps were going to be in life.

Does this story seem familiar to you? You are in good company, it’s a story that many ambitious women know all too well.

Stress sucks. I was so tired of feeling stressed out and overwhelmed but I wasn’t sure how to make the merry-go-round stop. While I was able to help everyone else around me, it seemed like I wasn’t helping myself.

So, I decided to stop.

I was a first-class passenger on the “hot-mess express” train and I wanted off. I didn’t know what stop I wanted to get off on or where I was headed, I just knew that what I was doing wasn’t working. Stopping my crazy busy life scared me to death, if I slowed life down then I would have to come face-to-face with figuring out what I wanted in life.

I started by treating myself better. Sounds cliche but I did it. I started to treat myself with the kind of care & consideration that you would give to a sister or best friend. I put myself to bed earlier, ate better, and even made time for exercise. As a therapist, I was always holding space for other women so I decided that I would start to hold space for myself. Give myself time to exhale and figure out what I wanted.


I made a vision board, I called girlfriends to go out, I made time to chat with my grandmother, I even went on date nights with my hubby. Life was really starting to turn around for me. I began to enjoy life and found that there was simply nothing sweeter that living my truth. [Tweet it!]

I figured out that my purpose in life was to enjoy it. And, when I looked even deeper, I found that my reason for being in life was to help other women to find their clarity and purpose.

Since then, I have lived my life on a mission to coach other women to live life on their own terms.

Today, my life is FULL…deliciously full. I feel blissful and abundant, I’m living my purpose, I’m sharing my mission with other amazing women, and I simply LOVE the work I do.

In the comments below, I would love to hear from you:

What about you? Have you been living a life that makes your excited to leap from bed every morning?

Do you feel super clear about your next steps and your path ahead?


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